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Aug 8 2013, 05:31 PM
The Room Stops
Aug 8 2013, 04:43 PM
Aug 8 2013, 12:38 PM
Aug 8 2013, 08:34 AM
I was rather curious for a moment...then it dawned on me & I'm REALLY glad I didn't wake up the kids or hubby with my guffaw.

I think the only comment I took exception to was made by one of the chefs who was up for elimination when he said something about the palate's of the diners were not sophisticated - I LOL'ed at that one - pretty much all of them have eaten across the country & globe at places from lunch trucks to fast-foods to "Look what I made!" from their kids/grandkids to five-star restaurants. It came across to me that he had sour grapes about the chance of being eliminated.
That was funny, but I watch a lot of these chef competitions and believe me, chefs have HUGE egos :blulaugh:
Actually, I find we're not really that egotistical. I truly believe the people they choose could've done anything else and they also would have had egos - it's their personality, not because of their profession. You honestly cannot be egotistical and work in a kitchen, too much depends on how you work together, because no one works alone. You're too dependant on the others.

They do however, have a very keenly developed gutter-humor. And we can all be brash, just because that's the nature of the business.
Oh, I wasn't talking about your average chef out there, I'm talking about some of the ones I see on these competition shows. Especially Top Chef and Chopped. And I'm sorry, I should have said SOME have huge egos. Certainly not all, that's not true at all. Some of them though are really egotistical.
It sort of annoys that those are the ones chosen, because I've found that the most talented ones are also the ones who don't take a lot of room, if you know what I mean? Which means that, again, reality is just reality and not an accurate depiction. Which would have been nice to see.

I also feel that most reality competition stars seem to have huge egos, no matter which genre it's in. Sadly. Because I hate egos, and thus I don't watch.
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