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Aug 9 2013, 01:00 AM
That was fun. A bit strange that Hope wasn't there flashing jewelry and whatnot, especially since the character got a shout out. Also- quite a bit of Datillo, all things considered. As far as promotional opportunities go, I feel like they made some odd choices.

I don't know where the comment came about the Days cast being shocked by the egg in the pasta, either.

The nice thing about the comment about unsophisticated palates was that one judge shot it down, the judge owned up to intentionally using a lot of spice, and another contestant said it was too strong. So, he kinda got shot down, imho.

Nice to see the Days crew out and about, though.
I'm pretty sure that it was one of the judges at the judging portion who told the bottom three that the Days cast had not seen the egg in the raviolo dish before.

This is from Gail Simmons' blog on the Bravo website:

Bravotv.com: Doug made a comment a judgesí table questioning the guestsí palates and he thought he was cooking for people who had more refined palates. Did that surprise you?
GS: Yeah. I know what heís saying, and itís hard to judge and itís hard for him to hear criticism, but I think what he was referring to was that, part of the reason that they all didnít like Odetteís dish was that they didnít get the egg yolk, and it wasnít appealing. But thatís the whole point of the dish. Thatís where the subtlety and elegance of that dish really comes in. When he heard that that was the reason she was on the bottom, I think Doug sort of decided itís that they donít get it. They donít get it because itís a very sophisticated dish, a very well-known dish at that level. But she went home for it clearly, if they could appreciate that. Everyone has to cook, everyone has to enjoy their food. You canít cook cerebrally. You have to cook for an emotional response from people, and if theyíre not responding, it could be because you donít think they understand it, itís up to you to make it good for them. Itís not up to them to rise to your intellectual challenge.

The exact wording may have been that the cast didn't get or understand the egg yolk, but that would indicate a lack of familiarity with the dish. It is designed so that when you cut into the raviolo, the yolk oozes out and adds its richness to the sauce. (It's similar to how the yolk from a poached egg adds to the dressing of a frisee salad.)
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