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Some quick thoughts as I get caught up ...

Daniel is the worst character ever. I absolutely hate him. I nearly lost it when he practically berated Jennifer. He pretty much was trying to get into a fight with her and argue about JJ. I hate him. Jennifer and Missy however looked fantastic. I actually think she deserves better than this Dannifer crap.

Will/Maggie was nice, I'm all for characters interacting who sort of should but never do, however, why was Will not opening up to Marlena? And f you Maggie for dissing JJ.

Speaking of JJ, he's quickly become one of my favorite characters. And Casey Moss is doing a really good job. I liked that they actually had Will and JJ interact. I sort of expected it to happen off-screen, if it actually happened.

Bitchy Theresa is wonderful. I really like that she's THAT hard around the edges and just a bitch. But we need that balance. I do like they give her SOME nice moments though, but I think they balance JJ a bit better (JJ seems to really embrace family, even if he does try to manipulate them, while Jeannie wants nothing to do with her family). Although I guess it's done on purpose. But both have been wonderful additions.

Eric/Nicole <3

I just fucking love them. I do. I want them to rip their clothes off and have sex all over that church office. I think Greg and Ari have done a great job and I love the building up Nicole/Eric are getting. It's really great to see this couple getting the writing they deserve, and it's REALLY nice to say that about DAYS again (even though I still have some gripes).

I think I'm forgetting a few things but I watched three episodes nearly in a row so I'm combining all of them in my head.
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