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Frankly it reminds me of when I took a graduate course with "artists" who lived so far up their own asses all they could do was spew bullshit like that about how people just don't understand their work. Or people who act like primetime dramas are automatically better than silly little daytime soaps, which I think may play into that conversation a bit because you'd better believe that wouldn't be part of the discussion (not in the same way) if they were cooking for, say, the cast of "Game of Thrones."

It's just...casual arrogance. I take it as developing when people don't feel like the outside world validates them enough, therefore they have to validate themselves constantly, or create this whole separate world that lives above everyone else. At least Gail sort of gets it, in a way. Though I'd argue there really is no relevance to this whole "more refined palates would get it" concept. I'm a populist that way.

That kind of comment really bugs me, apparently. I must be having flashbacks.
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