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Been catching up after being out of town for a week, and I love seeing Luke's one true British lady helping him out. I love how Holly and Sean Donnelly have been brought in to this story. Speaking of Sean, his wedding to Tiffany was an absolute riot.

Becky Herbst has been phenomenal---loved her scene with Tracy, and the slap.

Yeah, I wish the writers hadn't gone there with AJ choking Connie, but hey, he's his father's son. Alan also had rather violent tendencies---didn't he once try to kill Rick by having the roof fall in on him? And Monica certainly was never clean and pure as the wind driven snow back in the day. I'm glad Michael and Elizabeth are sticking by him, especially Michael.

I do feel GH is getting back on its feet after the Franco recast clusterfuck. The Kiki-not-Quartermaine reveal has been well-played out (liked the montage with the newspaper deliveries). I do like seeing some corporate intrigue on my soaps, and Ron is certainly delivering with the relish and ELQ shares stuff. I also like having ELQ prominently featured.
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