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It's been a few months since GH has interested me. Just spent the last few hours catching up. Honestly the Michael/Kiki/Morgan storyline is biggest bunch of crap I've seen in a long time. I don't care for MiKi, the pimping of Michael and Kiki as some golden, star-crossed couple nor the pimping of their characters. I actually think Michael and Morgan deserve better. BUT I love the ripple effect this is having through Port Charles and how this affects so many characters, especially the Corinthos clan when Michael learns who knew Kiki wasn't his cousin and kept silent.

I'm loving Sonny/Olivia and I hope they get a real chance.

Quiz are a weak couple and I hope they end soon. It's clear that AJ is the center piece in this couple. Since they got together Liz makes excuse after excuse for AJ. That's not what I want for her. I want a Liz-centered storyline with someone other than AJ.
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