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Whouffaldi <3

The gala episodes were great!

Heather's dancing! :lol:

Loving Dr. Anders and Dixie. :wub2: Look at Dixie all flustered.

David so messed with JR's presentation. Loved the smirk on his face when JR lost it.

RB did a good job with those scenes. JR's 'roid rage has taken over.


Jesse's outburst.. :drunk: David won this round.
Opal recognizing Leticia... yay. This plan of JR's was lame and not thought out properly. However, it did lead to...

David seeing Oliver. It should not have been this way, though. :( Looking forward to David/Oliver scenes next week. :)

I don't understand Cara. She acts like David is a monster and should be kept from his son, yet treats JR like he is a good guy. How can she defend JR and then treat David with such disdain? Neither one are saints. David has a right to know he has a son. I can't wait until David reams her out for her deception.

Oliver is a cutie! His scenes with Angie(DM) were adorable. It was so funny how rehearsed he sounded when asked who he was!
"... I live here now. My grandma's the new cook." Cara and Leticia were probably drilling that in the boy. :D

Loved Joe coming to Angie's rescue with the reporter.

Loved the scenes between Uncle Zach and Miranda.
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