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Aug 13 2013, 10:23 AM
I have lost all my interest in Days. The show for me at least is at MarDar levels of boring, there is no real good character writing on this show anymore, all of the men are interchangeable. There is no real character evolution in any storyline. Frankly the entire show is torturous to watch.....none of my favorites are featured anymore, I don't like those that are featured and I can't take this Bristen, Dannifer and Ejami center show. I still have Ericole to hold onto but that's not much and their story is just spinning it's wheels. I think Days truly has lost all the momentum they had a few months back.....this Sami shooting storyline is awful, Rafe and his new love will likely get pushed down our throats soon. Dannifer will be featured as if were the saviors of the show and Kristen will get a lot of airtime before she leaves...I don't know about anyone else but that's not must see TV for me....
Yeah, I'm not into Bristen, Ejami, or Dannifer either which has a lot to do with why, despite the Franco recast nonsense, I still prefer GH to Days. IMO Carlivati, while having some preferences for characters/actors, do a better job of balancing the stories among the entire cast and have a greater respect for the vets like Anna, Luke, and Monica, to name a few. Granted they aren't perfect (for instance the pacing issues) but if I'm limited timewise and can't watch both soaps, I will watch GH.

Interesting that most soaps lost viewers this week.
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