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Judi and Wally for me have been the saving grace of Days for a while. Now that it appears they are going to be used less my interest in Days has waned.

I love James and Ari but I haven't really enjoyed them as of late. I enjoyed Kristen versus Nicole rivalry but that's pretty much it. Nicole becoming bffs with Jennifer and constantly pimping Dannifer has just left me frustrated. I know I'm one of the few but Ericole doesn't excite me like it should. And then there's Ej who isn't allowed to have any existence outside of Sami which I feel has really hurt the character a lot.

Also the upcoming SLs KC previewed don't really interest me. I'd like to see more of the vets like Doug, Julie, Victor, Kayla, & Hope and get Bryan, Wally, Judi all on contract. Give me more of those actors and characters and I'd actually be interested in this show again.
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