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Miami's production is on fire! But I do agree that the greatness makes the show look more staged than the other Housewives shows. It's still the prettiest to look at though. Prettier than BH even.

Alexia was a favorite of mine in Season 1. So I was bummed when she was downgraded to "Friend" for the second season. I know she got a lot of heat for her treatment towards Karent last season. I still like her, though, and I'm glad she's back as a main housewife. I do, however, think she's one of those moms that would rather be friends with her sons than their parent. Unfortunately.

Didn't get much from Lisa last night. I am looking forward to her role in Adriana and Joanna's feud.

Speaking of Adriana, my hatred continues for her for the third straight season. I just can't stand this girl. She's so over the top and not in a good way at all. Her marriage coming out is the final nail in the coffin for her when it comes to me. I love that she was exposed. And I can't believe she couldn't come up with a better excuse for why she lied about being married for 5 years. Bullshit!

Like Lisa, I didn't get much from Joanna in the premiere either. I do like her friendship with Lea.

And that brings us to Lea. I hated this bitch in the first season. Fell in love with her Season 2! And it's weird because I also love Marysol and Ana. I usually never enjoy both sides of a rivalry. I'm looking forward to Lea and Adriana's friendship dissolving over the season.

I'll miss Marysol and Ana. It'll be nice still seeing them as "Friends." When the official cast list came out, Marysol said that viewers would understand why she had to be downgraded once the first episode aired. We now know why Marysol had to step back from the spotlight and it wasn't due to her business, which is what was speculated. Mama Elsa's health was bad at the time filming began. I am curious about Ana though. Again, Ana also said if viewers paid attention, we would get why she's no longer a main housewife as well. I guess time will tell.

I liked Karent last season, but I don't miss her at all.
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