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Monday ("JJ Eviscerates His Mother")
JJ lashes out at Jennifer after discovering her in an intimate moment with Daniel.

Tuesday ("Daniel Questions Kristen")
Kristen slips up about her secret, earning her an interrogation from Daniel; Sonny and Will receive Gabi's condemnation.

Sami comes to a decision about the plea bargain; Eric tries to interpret an unsettling dream.

Thursday ("EJ Fears He May Have Ruined Sami's Case")
EJ worries how he may have affected the outcome in Sami's case; Brady proposes marriage to Kristen.

Friday ("EJ Tries to Warn Sami")
EJ pleads with Sami to change her mind about the plea; Sonny and Gabi make peace, only to find themselves at war once again.


National Enquirer Spoilers
* Brady has an important question for Kristen
* Will and Gabi have an enormous blowup
* Nicole and Eric bond over a tragedy
* JJ presents Jennifer with a very difficult choice
* Theresa and JJ relate over family trouble


**UPDATED 8/19**

To Justin’s surprise, Sami considers the plea deal because she is confident she and EJ can walk away scot free.

After Gabi blasts Sonny and Will for trying to run her life, a surprising discovery ruins their short-lived truce

Cameron makes a clean break with Abigail, and Chad quickly uses it to his advantage.

Jennifer is heartbroken when Daniel finally decides to end things with her.

Marlena tries to get the dirt on her rival.

Sami tells EJ her shocking decision, and EJ warns her she’s making a terrible mistake

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