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Aug 14 2013, 09:00 AM
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The Scorpion
Aug 14 2013, 08:40 AM
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The thing is that I can see that Jennifer makes shitty choice for a other man than her now dead ex husband after all it is a soap and drama must be present otherwise it gets boring. But the thing is, I fail to see that she has a strong desire, love whatever for Daniel their scenes fall flat for me and the character Daniel is dull and the couple Dannifer are boring so for me there is nothing entertaining with them, although I always have found Daniel boring I could see strong desire and love between him and Chloe for example. Jennifer can be entertaining with other characters but with Daniel, she is not.
None of the female characters that they have paired him with have been even remotely entertaining when with him. He just brings them down and then when he's done with them they turn into pathetic, depressed, whimpering shells of their former selves. The best thing the show could do is cut their losses and send the douche to Europe to live with him whiny daughter.
It's just that that Days do not cut off when a character or a pair is not going so well, instead it / they becomes even more forced on viewers which is extremely strange. I mean how hard can it be to write a new and really interesting character if needed for storyline etc. The only character that where drop-fast was the character Taylor but my goodness there are actually dull male characters in this show, in my taste :) And if a couple do not work why not try the character with someone else?
Not only do they not quit on the failed couple but they kill off a beloved character just to put them together for a 2nd time. Dannifer has been an epic failure from day #1 and yet we have had a long line of characters sacrificed to make them work. Which they don't and never will.
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