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Aug 14 2013, 09:00 AM
Aug 14 2013, 12:45 AM
Monday ("JJ Eviscerates His Mother")

Like literally eviscerates? Sort of like Jason in the Friday the 13th movies? Because I'm there for that! GO JJ!! And Jennifer, you bitch. You supposedly "honor" your deceased husband then jump right back on the orange stick of STDs? :flipoff: Disgusting, faithless bitch! Every time I think I couldn't hate this character more, the Daniel JonASS worshiping writers prove me wrong and turn her into an even bigger hypocrite and bitch. :flipoff:
TIIC have made it fairly clear that their top priority is the glorification of Daniel "Gary Stu" Jonas. It doesn't matter to them whom they kill or damage in the process. And Jennifer is pretty much bearing the brunt of all the Fetch fallout. To prop Daniel, she's been turned into a weak, needy, stupid, fickle, self-absorbed, indecisive shell of herself. The woman who insisted on being a hands-on parent, who was passionately in love with a complicated but loyal man, who used to thrive in a competitive career, who had a reputation for honesty and ethics, has become a neglectful mother, a faithless wife, an incompetent slacker, a lying, deceitful skank, and an all-around worthless bit of fluff.

I can see JJ being upset enough by his discovery to OD on something more dangerous than pot. Or get into some kind of accident and wind up in the hospital, cuing still more Fetch angst. If only that would end this wretched excuse for a couple for once and for all. But I've learned to expect the worst from TomSell, so instead there will probably be all kinds of braying from the Fetch proppers about how this wasn't their fault and serve JJ right for daring to come between Salem's "Perfect Couple." :flipoff:
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