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Aug 14 2013, 09:54 AM
Aug 14 2013, 09:25 AM
I have mixed feelings about this. I am no fan of Dannifer...at all...but I'm also a little weary of JJ acting like a twit in regard to them. Rather than JJ 'catching' them in an intimate moment I'd much prefer to see the JJ/Jennifer angst be a result of Jennifer catching JJ at something. I guess I'm a little tired of watching JJ get away with being a spoiled, over indulged rich brat and his mother sneaking around and acting like the one who is doing something wrong. Like I said, I cringe thru most Dannifer scenes but regardless, JJ needs someone to put a foot up his surly ass.
The thing is Jennifer is feeding into it by lying to JJ about getting back with Daniel. If anyone is acting like a spoiled teenager it's her. She's a grown ass woman, who can sit her twit teenager down and tell him that regardless of her love for him she has a right to live her life with whatever man she chooses to live that life with and flat out admit that she wants to get back with Daniel because she loves him and wants to be with him. That she doesn't approve of choices that JJ has made but he's gone on to make them regardless of how much she disapproves, and since she is technically doing NOTHING wrong by being with Daniel, then she will be with him. Instead of having that much needed honest and open talk with her troubled teenage son, she has fed him a lie and told him that she will not be with Daniel and gone on to be with him behind his back. It's not helping either JJ or Dannifer to keep playing these games...but the one that is the adult is Jennifer and she's acting nothing like one.

Jennifer can tell JJ she's seeing Daniel, and she can also go out of her way to be discreet about it and also tell Daniel to stay the hell away from JJ and not interact with him. Because she does have a right to life, but JJ also has a right to his feelings about his Dad being replaced so soon and she should respect that it wouldn't be healthy to try and force JJ into some kind of relationship with Daniel. If she can't resist Daniel's magic orange dong, that doesn't mean she needs to force Daniel into JJ's life.

So, no to the dishonesty. But there's a way to go about this without making JJ "accept" how wonderful Daniel is.

Oh, and Fuck Maggie for hating on grief stricken JJ for not wuvvvving Daniel.
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