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Episode 19 is posted

An arrest has been made for Stefano's murder.

Will goes through booking. He first has his mug shot taken and then is fingerprinted. Then he is seated in an interrogation room.

Elena tells him that his fingerprints are on the gun and in the room where Stefano was killed.

"I have evidence of motive, means, and opportunity. And I also has evidence of your lies."

Will seems to grow nervous.

"Just come clean and it won't be so bad," she urges.

"I didn't kill Stefano," Will insists.

And as Will faces justice, his family's troubles may just be beginning.

At the Pub, Victor looks across the room at Kayla and smirks.

Over at a table, Sami asks Lucas, "Didn't I shouw you what you mean to me?" "We had sex," Lucas replies curtly. "And to be honest, sometimes I don't think that really means that much to you.

Roman is on his phone. "What?" he says, in disbelief.

Three men in dark clothes and ski masks stand with guns drawn. One of the men says, "Don't make a sound or you're both dead."

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