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Aug 14 2013, 11:44 AM
Aug 14 2013, 12:45 AM
Monday ("JJ Eviscerates His Mother")
JJ lashes out at Jennifer after discovering her in an intimate moment with Daniel.

I love JJ and Jennifer mother-son interactions but this sounds so repetitive. We've been watching some variation of this almost from the moment JJ re-emerged on the scene. Even though the JJ storyline has been miles better than involving poor Nicole and Chloe in the Dannifer BS, everything involving them starts to become very stale before long. Every couple should experience SOME angst and conflict, but in this couple's case it is ALL that is keeping them going. Nevermind that they're nauseating - the stories they are in would be equally played out with virtually any other couple.
I hate that about Dannifer (among other things) - the angst isn't just part of their story, the angst IS their story. The best couple angst is when it comes from overall stories that involve numerous characters and events that continue to keep the couple apart. These singular interloper stories (whether Chloe or JJ) are only interesting if you care about whether they couple is together and they aren't even what I'd call a real story. Compare that to the angst that Payla faced in the 80s or Jarlena faced in the 90s. Those were overall stories and the couple angst was just one aspect of them.
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