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Aug 14 2013, 12:58 PM
Aug 14 2013, 12:01 PM
Aug 14 2013, 11:44 AM
Since when is it a difficult choice for a mother to choose between her A.) Children or B.) Slab of Meat?

Your children, no matter how irrational, always come first...always.
In Jennifer's defense (god help me), I think she is constantly TRYING to put J.J. first, while also not wanting to close the doors on her own future happiness (she has people constantly reinforcing to her that Daniel isn't going to wait around for her forever). J.J. is very deviously and skillfully manipulating her, a fact he is fully conscious of and amused by, and knowing that, he should not be given a veto over any future happiness she has with another man.

I think her big failing is that she hasn't been more proactive in trying to figure out WHY J.J. is so resistant to Daniel having a place in his mother's life and the underlying emotional issues that are at play and manifesting themselves through his destructive and deceitful behavior. Jennifer accepts no criticism of Daniel from ANY corner, and that is not right. The show simply does not allow it. The only two characters who actively dislike Daniel (J.J. and Lucas) receive a torrent of criticism for voicing their feelings, as if they're being completely irrational, unreasonable and malicious. She needs to invest more time in trying to UNDERSTAND her son and helping him work through his issues, but she shouldn't give him a permanent veto over her future (be it with Daniel or anyone else). That is cruel and unfair.

It's only been 3 weeks (our time) since Jennifer told Daniel they need a break. If the guy can't wait at least a month for the woman he loves to work things out with her son than he's not worth it. Not to mention in the time they've been on break he's made zero attempts to befriend JJ. So you actually have 2 major problems. The first being Jennifer's not making any attempt to understand JJ's dislike of Daniel. And the second being Daniel's not making any attempts to be at least friendly with JJ.
And he has verbally berated her REPEATEDLY for not jumping into bed with him at his command.
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