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Sammie Jo
Aug 14 2013, 01:44 PM
Aug 14 2013, 12:46 PM
Now Noah will run into his Dad and say that he was just with Sharon. Nick will say 'hows she doin?' and Noah will say 'great', in good spirits (no pun intended). Nick will notice that Noah didn't say anything about his mom's ankle being hurt.
Maybe Nick will show up unannounced and see Sharon dancing for joy, fling the door open and say 'Caughtcha you lying wench!'

OMG, that whole ankle caper is absurd! She can barely move, but gets up to answer the door????
Forgot to limp when Noah was there, and now, Cassie the ghost is as nuts as she is. Dad's getting closer.
The other absurdity was Victor coming unhinged at Jack.
Must be time for EB to sign a new contract, I've noticed that anytime it's contract time, they start making that person out to be a real douche bag, so that if contract talks don't work out, by then, even their most ardent fans are sick of their shit and won't be sorry to see them go.
Victor has always been a douche bag so it is not new if you ask me. He is probably one of the biggest douche on the show.
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