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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

^ I thought it was a funny episode, but it might have well been one of those stand alone epis....these types of episodes won't capture new viewers, or lapsed viewers.....they just serve to make those that haven't stopped watching enjoy a day of laughter and lightness on the show...that's it.....

I personally don't feel that GH is all that bad NOW....a few weeks back...hell yeah, it was awful...but the last 2 weeks haven't been bad by any stretch of the imagination and they have been building up the drama and since we already know that one of the cast members is leaving you can tell that this is likely the story that builds up to her exit and then from there something else is bound to happen....IMHO GH does very good at pacing.....way better than Days does. Both shows seem to have the same weird pattern of good, good, good and then nothing...but the nothing on Days lasts longer then the nothing on GH.....
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