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Aug 14 2013, 06:41 PM
Emma is the cutest thing ever!

Patrick is a good dad....just wish he wasn't stuck with Sabrina's insecure ass :rolleyes:

Aug 15 2013, 08:24 AM
As far as juvenile, fairy-dust romances go, :bedtime: Patrick/Sabrina are more watchable for me than Daniel/Jennifer on Days. This is partly because, with the exception of the Nurse's Ball, the Patrick/Sabrina propping hasn't permeated GH like Dannifer has on Days. Dear gods but you almost can't go three episodes on Days without some character bemoaning the fact that they are not together. I appreciate Ron's showing more restraint than Whitesell at Days.

I can't stand either couple, period :rockon:

Britt as a character is really growing on me.

With two psychotic parents, she had to do everything to survive since her father didn't care for her.
Aug 15 2013, 10:53 AM
Using Dannifer to compare Pabrina is not a glowing endorsement of Pabrina since Dannifer suck balls. I found both couples intolerable to watch. Britt is growing on me too, she is not one dimensional like Sabrina and her teenage obsession with all things Britt. When you dig deeper into Britt history, you can see why she is the way she is, but what is Sabrina excuse. LOL.

Sabrina wants her fairy tale with Patrick/Emma in which she banished the Britt from their lives for good.

Aug 15 2013, 10:57 AM
Yeah, I don't get the comparisons of Danniefer to Patrick/Sabrina. Sabrina and her boring behind still suck.

She been boring ever since she been on the screen. Some fans want her paired with Nik :puke:

The only that upset me about today episode was the cops pulling guns on a pregnant woman. I guess Anna and Dante are the only cops on the police department. They should be fired for their actions toward Britt, IMO.
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