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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Why do we even care about some character Rose who was just made up recently and we don't give two shits about? Matter of fact, Neil bores me. What the hell does he have to offer without spunky Drew? Nah-dah!! And Cane looks more and more like a creeper every day.

I can't wrap my head around Sharon, Victoria and Chelsea. I loved Sharon, could take or leave Victoria, and I liked Chelsea. Now I seem to despise them all equally but in different ways.

Sharon: She is acting mental and she looks mental while doing it. I mean, I don't know what to think anymore when she's on screen because she's so lost it. I mean, how can I root for Shick when Sharon has checked out completely. I'm hanging on by a very thin thread here. Not giving up yet, but about to. I want Sharon to snap the hell out of it. #Shick

Victoria: How irritating is she? She acts like a child but looks like a 40 year old while doing it. I mean, how Billy wants this kind of marriage is beyond me. I love Billy but hate his whiny-I-gotta-get-my-wife-back attitude. No you don't, Billy. Why doesn't anyone clue him in on that? It could save him and the viewer from a life of agony.

Chelsea: She actually believes her vicious lie is the best thing for her baby???? Really? I think that kid needs to know who their father is in case, well, he'd like to know who his real father is. Chelsea's story is again bad writing, because unless Adam had hurt her, beat her, or was a danger to children, nothing prevented her from moving on and having a child with Adam and sharing custody. Adam has been pretty kind all things considered about this baby and never threatened to take it from Chelsea if he finds out it's his. He just wants to be part of its life. I mean, having a child with someone you don't want to be with doesn't mean you make up a father and claim him as your child's own. Dumbass.

The most wild thing is: Boring, lifeless Avery has me somehow pulling for her? WTF is that about? I ask myself that daily now. Avery has moved to the top of the gosh darn food chain.
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