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Amanda is sooo fuckin useless in this house as a competitor. The girl cannot do ANYTHING right. She should cry and feel embarrassed, because she sucks.

Spencer is so lame for putting up GM vs McCrae. Why didn't he go for Amanda/McCrae? Because he's a pussy.

IMO, Aaryn deserves to win the whole thing. She's a horrible person, but she's the best at playing the game. She went from public enemy #1 to being on anyone's radar, she's a huge competitor (and yet no one sees her as a threat). She's the best player all around. Ok, strategy part is missing, but she has two out of three, which is more I can say for others.

Juror coming back is okay with me, although I'm pretty sure whoever comes back will go out the following week, but oh well.. At least they are doing it earlier than Canada. I loved Gary coming back, but it did feel like it was way too late into the game for a comeback.

I didn't really get what GM was trying to do with the whole "house meeting". That girl...
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