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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Aug 16 2013, 07:31 AM
Chelsea's story is again bad writing, because unless Adam had hurt her, beat her, or was a danger to children, nothing prevented her from moving on and having a child with Adam and sharing custody.

Wow, a man has to beat or hurt her to be a bad guy? How about verbal abuse, isolating her.
Let's ask the audience if Adam is a danger to children?
Oh that's right! Only fetus's and the mothers carrying them.
Adam is a hazard and the writers think most of us will forget?

Victor, bless his pea-pickin' heart reminded those that have forgotten that Sharon is an arsonist and all sorts of sick things.
Good thing we have Victor to remind some what a dangerous bitch Sharon can be.
Where did I say Adam had to beat her or hurt her to be a bad guy? That's not my quote. I said out of all of those things, nothing prevents her from moving on and sharing custody. Chelsea married Adam knowing his history so she can't use that now against him to keep his son. All her actions about this baby came about because her marriage fell apart. If she was still with Adam, she wouldn't have hid the baby from him. What I meant is they didn't break up because he was a monster to her. I mean, she read his letter to his other child and how much he loved the one he lost.
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