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I grudgingly have to admit that Aryan is playing the best game. She is racking up the wins. If she puts up Helen and Elissa that ensures that at least one of them will go home. Unfortunately, it will get blood on her hands. Luckily, everyone sees that Amanda is controlling McRae. I think if the final 2 was McRanda, McRae will win. At least he isn't an arrogant ass.

I would love it if whoever comes back next week automatically wins HOH. Then they could really shake things up. Cause you know that they are all comparing notes in the Jury House, unless they are sequestered from each other. I really want Judd back, but I would be happy with any of the three of them. As for who gets voted out this week, I am not sure I would want them back, I would want C, J, or J.
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