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Aug 17 2013, 04:54 AM
I agree. I want CT to win finally, so that the poor guy can retire peacefully. Johnny and Paula should just go. They've won enough. I would like Diem/Aneesa to also win one and leave.

Hmm, I'm not sure I agree with you about Wes though. He treated Casey like shit on Fresh Meat (sure she sucked, but hey.. his words didn't help either I'm sure..) and what he did to Cara on Rivals 1 was disgusting.. pouring soda all over her and then taunting her (with Paula).. I hated him at those moments.
Paula has only won I think once. She won the first Rivals with Ev and basically Ev carried her through that challenge. She has never won by herself. Anessa won a long time ago I believe, in one of the first challenges.

I agree that Wes can be an ass. Pouring soda on Cara with Paula goading him on was not one of his finest moments. Yelling at Casey, yea not cool. But what a lot of people overlook is that he defends and breaks up a lot of fights. Especially girl fights. He defended Mandi when she went psycho on Johnny, or Johnny went psycho on her. Sure they had kissed once and he wanted her back but still, he defended her. He was right in the middle of Veronica and Tonya fight trying to pry them away from each other. There was another fight where one of the girls fell in the potted plant and he tried to prevent that.

If he knew what was happening to Tonya when the alleged sexual assault happened when she was passed out, I think he would have stopped it. Or try too. I think CT would as well.
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