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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Aug 18 2013, 02:16 AM
I am shocked by her win. But hey, congrats! And apparently, now she wants to stay (in spite of her son going to school...) So I guess she's just a sore loser? Whining when she thinks she's going home and wanting to quit, but as soon as she isn't going home, it's okay.. oh well.. Can you tell she annoys me? :lol:

And I have no words for GM anymore.. why would she think Nick would be back for a comp?! Has an evicted HGs ever returned to host a comp?! She's so stupid..

So does Helen know that she's going home or are they telling her it will be Spencer (who is btw gross)?
Well Elissa has lost quite a few HOH's (all of them) this year, and hasn't reacted the way she did the other night (wanting to leave)... maybe she was just having an off evening? :shrug: Lots of people have them sometimes I guess, depends on the person. I remember watching Janelle crying in bed on the feeds during all stars saying to Will that she wanted to self evict after Howie left. Heat of the moment.

I think they are blindsiding Helen lol. Last I checked, she believes she is safe
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