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Sweet and Salty

Aug 17 2013, 06:16 PM
Aug 17 2013, 09:08 AM
Brady would work for me if this time HE were playing Kristen to figure out what she's still up to. But I figure that won't be the case and he'll be devastated again and go 'dark' (all IMO, just a hunch). I'd be OK with that. I miss hating life snarky Brady actually. We have Eric now so Brady could be a little more 'on the edge' again. I hated MarDar zapped away any attempt at a personality. He and Madison were SO boring. I hated them. What a waste of Sarah Brown. I hope for better for Chrishell Stause.

Wouldn't it be just awesome if the rumors I heard of John returning were true and that off screen John and Brady cooked up a scheme to expose Kristen? I mean she has mentioned twice now that she worries Brady is playing her . . . :teehee:
Well, I would rather it be John working with Marlena because frankly Brady is just too stupid and lame to do that. With every episode I grow to dislike Brady more and more. He's a dufus. Does it never occur to this guy that the only reason he's even involved with Kristen is because she set him up to be, because she wanted to use him to destroy his parents? :shrug:
PLEASE let this be true!! Tho I've not heard this rumor at ALL! All I see are tweets from him that he'd LIKE this to be the case!
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