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I think the bits where the family learn of Katherine's death were well done on Friday and today. First off, Murphy is from a generation where men didn't cry. They were raised to believe that real men didn't show that sort of emotion. Murphy is also a vet, one from a different era...they don't break down in front of people (most of them). It's something they learned during their time in service. I know because my father is the same way. He's a vet of the same war Murphy is and when my mother died, a woman he'd been married to for 43 years, he cried once...and just barely...in front of a friend, my sister and I. What he did when he was alone, none of us know. Same goes for Murphy, no one knows how he reacted when Katherine died, because it was just him. And the way he was while telling the family, he was doing exactly what Katherine said to do...no tears, happy thoughts.

As for Jill's reaction - it didn't need to be tamed down. Grief comes in all forms. Some rage, some cry, some laugh...I've seen it all - I've been there with the loss of my mother. You make it about you at some point because it is about you. You've lost someone you love. You're not crying for them, you're crying for yourself and your loss.

They actually did a very good job portraying the different ways people react from barely crying, making it about yourself, to crying so much you can barely speak, to no crying at all. It was all there and done just right.

The only thing not done right was that those scenes weren't the focus of the show on both today's episode and Friday's. Katherine Chancellor/Jeanne Cooper was the matriarch of the show. This story shouldn't be taking last place to the crazySharon, Nick/Avery, etc. stuff. Those should all have been in the background.
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