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Yeah, the last couple episodes as a whole were anticlimactic. But, the thing is, that cliffhanger ending could have been actually really surprising and effective had anvils not been dropped prior to it.

Other notes:

This whole Dani/Arturo thing is creepy and gross, and it doesn't help that Paulo Seganti is a terrible actor.

Similarly, I'm hating the Jack sleeping with his teacher storyline as well. Andrew Trischitta just hasn't gotten any better, and the story itself is so underdeveloped (not that I would probably like it much better even if it wasn't).

Even though there had been indications about something going on between Cutter and Nikki for a while, Nikki telling Natalie about them (and her animosity toward Natalie in general) felt like it came out of left field and was contrived purely for these last two episodes.

I'm going to go ahead and call Michelle being Allison's daughter right now.
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