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Whouffaldi <3

The David and Oliver scenes were so adorable!! :wub:

Ryan Bittle and Eric Nelson delivered on those confrontation scenes. :applause:

These episodes really made Cara look like a bad mother. Keeping away from her son after he had a seizure because she didn't want to get caught by David does not make her look like mother of the year. :facepalm: :shame: :rolleyes:

Loved her confronting JR about stealing her prescription pad. Now that JR laid down that threat, maybe she'll start to see the error in judgement she made concerning David and JR.

I wonder if David already has suspicions about Oliver. His questioning Cara on why she was there kinda leads me to think he might have noticed a resemblance to Oliver.

Poor Colby.

JR is back to his old ways. I gotta be honest and say, "It's about time!" I love the Chandlers.

Liked Heather and Celia's little chat. I think Dimitri is Celia's guardian.

I'm still shipping Dixie/Dr. Anders. :wub2:

Loved the montage at the end of this week's first episode.
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