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Bright Eyes
Aug 18 2013, 11:18 PM
This season has been pretty damn great so far. Hannah is one the best things to happen to this show and Dr. Evelyn Vogel has been such a great addition this season. I also have really taken a liking to Sam Underwood who plays Dexter's protege.

And though I've never really been into him, for some reason Michael C. Hall is totally doing it for me this season ... then there's his beautiful ass. What a gift! It's a shame he's a complete prick in real life.

Unfortunately, the writing is still way too dumbed down. There have been so many instances this season where they put in these completely useless and unnecessary one liner voice overs. It's almost embarrassing to watch.
Hannah sucks.

For the first time since season 3 I actually skipped an episode because of her. I read the spoilers for this past Sunday's episode and I decided to not even watch it because I can't take all the Dexter/Hannah crap.

This is the final season. The endgame should be much more epic than 'will he or won't he find true love?' There are only a few episodes left and we're still wasting our time with mini-arc villains and crap nobody cares about like Masuka and his daughter and Jamie and Quinn. Is anyone of relevance going to discover the truth about Dexter before the show ends or is Dexter and Hannah's happy ending all that matters at this point?
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