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There are so many problems with Days its hard to just look at them without seeing a problem.

Problem 1: Ejami sucks. Not to everyone but to a lot of people. Dannifer sucks. Not to everyone but to a lot of people. Bristen sucks. Not to everyone but to a lot of people.... I could go with this for a while. But the point is Days couples suck especially their face couples. And they suck for one main reason. They split fans to the point where people stop watching.

The couples that represent the show should not drive away fans. For a show once built on the supercouple that's not good. While you can say every couple sucks to someone its also fair to say that Days used to build stories around couples that didn't split viewers. Bo and Hope may not have been everyone's cup of tea but you could still watch them without being disgusted.

But for some reason, Days seems to think viewership thrives on these divisive couples. Every couple currently on display you either love or they sicken you. There is no middle ground.

Problem 2: There used to be a sense that while Salem was a witches world angels still existed in it. That's now all gone. Every story is a scheme where in the end the bad guy/girl wins. Look at Marlena/John/Kristen/Brady. The only person who came out on top in that saga was Kristen. She's got Brady still pining for her and a possible miracle child. Meanwhile Marlena has lost John and is stuck playing nice with the Dimeras constantly.

That's just one instance but youu could come up with fifteen of them in the last five years. This show sacrifices its kings and queens to play up its pawns. It makes no sense that John and Marlena were mistreated just so Kristen could get more indepth writing. But you can say the same for Jack and Dan, Lucas and EJ.

A good show, especially a soap, thrives on the every man champion. J.R. doesn't work without Bobby. Cause at some point you get tired of him, and want him to get his due.

But instead of creating a good guy to be the every man champion they have submerged the show in shitheads and assholes. And they want to you to root for them. Brady is best example of how they have taken a character who could have been a great champion and turned him into an oaf. Just so the bad guy/girl can continue to look good.

I could go all day with this. There are so many reason why 1.8 is now a stable number for Days. And anyone looking at the 1.6 saying its just a one-time occurrence... 1.8 used to be the same.
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