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Viewing Single Post From: Ratings for Week of August 5-9, 2013
Not Amused

Aug 19 2013, 10:32 PM
Aug 19 2013, 04:12 PM
GH is getting good again. Days has been good but it's quickly losing my interest again. The focus is on all the wrong characters/couples. JMO

Oh and the comparison I'm making is that the year to year on the other three shows isn't showing a big decline, but just the opposite for the rest of Aug and going into the first few weeks if Sept days will likely be negative on the year to year...lets see if the other 3 soaps are also...a few weeks back Days dipped into the negative year to year for the first time in a long time...I'm thinking for what's left of Aug and the first 2 weeks of Sep they might again do the same... It's summer, notorious for slow ratings for al shows but if the other three are showing gains over last year for the remainder if August and Days does the opposite then what ever happened to the wonderful show that Corday was complimenting just a few weeks ago??

I also don't get this thing that Kenny might not have said this or that or talked more about others than Ejami. Who cares? We are talking about what he said and regardless of what I think of him (and it's not much), he did say their would be more Ejami story....those that like em fine, but not everyone does.

I'm finding GH to be getting good again...when the Franco story dominated it affected the show, but since GH doesn't have a ridiculous tape to air schedule they can react immediately to negative story feedback... Days is stuck with 4 months of epis in the can, good or bad they can't do anything until 4 months from now
I really wish Days had a taping schedule like GH. I feel like GH listened to viewer's feedback and attempted to fix the problem and the show now is much better because of it. With Days you have to wait half a year to see any real changes which is just sad. And even then it feels like Days doesn't really care about your input unless you're praising them 24/7. Then to top it off they seem to think that even a lot of negative buzz for couples/SLs and making fans angry is good for the show. I just don't get it at all. :shame:
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