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Episode 20 is posted

Couples grow closer.

Rafe and Nicole are seated on the sofa in his apartment. Her feet are resting on his lap. He puts a hand on her stomach and looks her in the eye as he begins to speak.

Sonny and Gareth kiss passionately. Gareth begins to slide off Sonny's shirt.

Enemies face off.

At Common Grounds, Jeannie watches as EJ glares at Lucas. Lucas responds with a suspicious look.

A crowd of people are outside the Pub. In their midst, Victor wheels around angrily toward Ian.

An attack leaves a family reeling

A woman lies on the ground, bleeding from cuts visible under her long, brown hair. Someone rushes toward her and pulls back her hair, revealing that the injured woman is Hope.

Outside the Pub, Caroline is near tears as Marlena and Kim try to calm her.

But nothing will prepare you for the most shocking twist yet.

As Elena watches, Roman looks at Will with a mix of horror and sadness. Will looks down. His voice is heard. "I'm sorry, Grandpa. . . . I'm so sorry."

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