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National Enquirer Spoilers

*Nick makes mysterious plans for Gabi

* Brady places his future with Kristen in Ericís hands

* Spiraling out of control, JJ lands in very big trouble

* Stefano and Rafe face off.

* Theresa and Abigail have a heated argument.



No Show

Tuesday ("Proposal")
Nicole surprises Marlena with an unexpected proposal; Caroline speaks her mind with Nick.

Wednesday ("Out of Control")
J.J continues his downward spiral of self-destruction; Abigail tries to change Daniel's mind about ending his relationship with Jennifer.

Thursday ("Eric's Feeling")
Eric has trouble shaking his feelings of uneasiness about the night at the hotel; Jennifer is shocked to learn that J.J. has been arrested

Friday ("Justin Confronts EJ")
Justin confronts E.J. about the money planted in the account of Bernardi's son; Jennifer throws J.J.'s lies in his face.

No Show

Brady puts his and Kristen's future in Eric's hands; Marlena tries to get information about Kristen; Sonny and Gabi fight about Nick; Caroline confronts Nick.

Adrienne finds information that could help Sami's case; J.J. finds himself in trouble; Abigail talks to Daniel about Jennifer; Stefano and Rafe argue.

Eric continues to feel uneasy about the night he got sick; Jennifer learns J.J. was arrested; E.J. pushes Justin to move forward with Sami's trial; Kae tries to shake Jordan.

Justin confronts E.J. about the money in Bernardi's son's account; Jennifer calls J.J. out on his behavior; Theresa and Abigail fight; Kristen reacts to an idea of Brady's.

Nick makes mysterious plans for Gabi
Adrienne inadvertently finds information which could help Sami.
Eric refuses to confide in Nicole about the night he got sick at the hotel.
Justin confronts EJ about his manipulations.
Gabi makes a veiled threat to keep Sonny quiet
Jennifer calls JJ out on everything he's pulled since returning to Salem
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