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GH Fall 2013 Spoilers

Robinís Return - Many people on the canvas are either related to her or extremely close to her. Her return will be very satisfying. The Britt/Patrick/Sabrina story will explode in a giant way. Sabrina and Britt will have to deal with the real love story of Patrick and Robin.

Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie/Dante/Lulu -The baby is born and it is one giant mess. Nothing is really spoiled but they say that it will be a journey and they area looking forward to see who the audience will be rooting for.

Luke/Laura/Tracy/Scotty - Luke is on a quest to find a cure. Tracy is dealing with the fact the person she loves more than anything she has ever loved is dying. Scotty doesnít take well all the extra time Laura is spending with Luke. Now with Luke being sick, Laura is feeling drawn to him more than ever.

Connieís Death - This story will have the most ramifications for everyone on the canvas, but especially Michael, AJ, Olivia, Ava, Sonny, Carly, Sam, Daniel, Derek, and Alexis.

AJ/Elizabeth/Nikolas - Liz and AJís relationship is challenged when AJ becomes a suspect in Connieís murder. This will open the door for Nikolas.

Michael/Kiki/Morgan - Michael will remain in their orbit as Sonny, Franco and Ava get more involved.

Carly - She will be drawn more into the troubles of her sons. She will also be involved more with Sam, Sonny, Olivia, and Franco too. Hints there will be a new man as well.

Franco - Post surgery Franco is very different and it is a hard adjustment for the citizens of Port Charles.

Obrecht - Her power will increase and she show she has more tricks up her sleave

Silas/Sam - Dannyís cancer has brought them closer together. Ava gets involved as she is still very much still in love with Silas.

Credit: jcren
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