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Hope/Liam/Wyatt - Wyatt and Hope decide to forge a partnership between Forrester Creations and Quinn Artisan. Liam and Wyatt stay at odds as Liam knows it is a play for Hope’s heart. Wyatt warns Liam that nothing is official until they married.

Bill/Katie/Quinn - Katie declares war with Bill. She offers Wyatt executive position at the company and takes it upon herself to tell him all the nasty truths about his father. Wyatt confronts Bill and it does not end well. Quinn and Katie meet and the ladies instantly bond over their contempt for Bill.

Rick/Maya/Caroline/Carter - Caroline’s plan to break up Maya and Rick starts to work. She realizes that Carter and Maya spent the night together. Maya goes to confess to Rick but finds him in the shower and Caroline gloating about her conquest. The ladies have it out and Maya leaves without talking to Rick. Maya quits Forrester Creations and tells Rick to be with Caroline. Maya goes to Carter who tells her that their series was picked up for a second season.

Bill/Brooke - The new couple are greeted with nothing but disapproval from their loved ones. Brooke insists to prove to everyone how much she loves Bill despite their reactions.

Eric/Quinn - The new partnership of Forrester Creation and Quinn’s jewelry line has put her the orbit of Eric Forrester. She sets her sights on him in a major way.

credit: jcren
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