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Apparently because you posted a scene BEFORE Chad's life and freedom was in question, or do you just not know the timeline of events?
I am seriously confused. I can't even recall Chad's life and freedom being in jeopardy post this point.

All I can remember is Chad potentially going to jail for disturbance of the peace at Gabi's wedding and like that would have stuck.

Give me the timeline please. I think I am discussing a completely different moment in time to you.
Oh ok. It happened after the scenes you posted. Chad got into a fight with Nick he signed an iron clad agreement that if he told anyone or if anyone else revealed what Gabi had done, Chad would end up in prison. This is why EJ will not even tell Sami what Gabi did, as not to risk Chad getting in trouble.
But didn't Sami tell Nik she knows what Gabi did but EJ stopped her from saying anything because it would send Chad to prison. She knows Gabi did something but she doesn't know what.
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