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Aug 21 2013, 12:45 PM
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They don't seem to have a clear idea of what younger means. Their main cast is about ten years older than their main cast was ten years ago. It's mostly different character but they were all already older than the main cast ten years ago. For some reason in the late nineties the average main cast member age dropped about 20-30 years. Then in their 2000s it kind of evened out. Then about 6 years it aged 10 years. I really didn't explain that well.
I wonder if the main cast age has become a little older because of issues with hanging on to their younger talent. It seems like any 20ish actor/character who is decent ends up leaving after their four years are up. I can see how that would make Days gunshy to make their 20s group the main focus of the show.
Probably but that's a pretty piss poor excuse. That's not a new problem at all. It didn't make them gunshy in the 80s.
exactly. Peter & Kristian, for example, were only on Days from 83-87, which was about 4 years. In that time period, they told a hell of a lot of story with Bo & Hope. Even in the 2000s, Days told a lot of story with Belle, Shawn, Phillip, Chloe, Mimi, etc. I think the issue is that TPTB don't want to focus on the 20s age group because that would take away from EJami & Dannifer, who TPTB seem to want to have front & center even though neither couple is young.
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