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Sharon plans to stop Nick and Avery's wedding from happening, and she will do it at all cost. Keeping the secret of the true paternity is a struggle for her. Her plan seems to be working for now but Avery is on to Sharon. She thinks that Sharon is taking advantage of Nick. JG says, "Sharon is in over her head and she may end up being her own worst enemy."

Chelsea becomes stressed out the more Adam is in her orbit. A health situation could lead Adam to finding out the truth about Connor. JG states that we should expect a major showdown once Adam finds out.

Even though Billy and Victoria are back together, they're still facing obstacles....Victor and Billy's gambling addiction. Also Victoria is still unsettled about how close Billy and Chloe have become while they were separated. The three of them will be thrown into a very troubling situation.

Will the Winter's be able to stop Hilary from hurting them before it's too late?

She is determined to bring Adam down, but if she goes too far, her plan can blow up in her face.

Summer and Kyle's feelings haven't changed despite knowing they are siblings. This frustrates them a great deal. Jack tries to get closer to Summer but she's still confused about the whole situation. She finds herself overwhelmed by Jack's eagerness to develop a relationship with her. JG states that Jack has something up his sleeve that will surprise everyone.

The couple is off to a good start, but things start to get shaky when one of them wants the relationship to become more serious. The other is not ready to take that next step.
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