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Well, yes, but this conversation never went to talk *about* Days. It mentioned Eileen Davidson's Days stint as a sideline, and very relevant, comment.
No actually, it wasn't. He never head wrote for for Ashley Abbott. He has absolutely absolutely nothing nothing to do with with her being at Y&R or not being at Y&R.
Not that it's of any relevance but Josh Griffith has been pretty vocal in his 2012 interview about wanting Eileen Davidson ( as Ashley) back. And it was reported that he was the one who asked her to come back during the Writers' strike she just was let to believe it was MAB.

TV Guide Magazine: Yikes, sounds ominous. Will this, as Jill Phelps promised, help shore up the sadly dwindling Abbott clan?

Griffith: We need that family back. I'm really sorry Eileen Davidson [Ashley] is gone. If there's anyone I would bring back immediately if I could, it's Eileen. In fact, if you remember, bringing Ashley back to town was the first thing I did during the writers strike. I hear Eileen is having great success at Days of Our Lives so I don't know if I'll ever have a chance to get her back. But I can hope. So, yes, we will rebuild the family and it'll need to be done via the younger characters. Billy [Billy Miller] is going to be very involved in Jack's story. There will be quite a conflict between them.

Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Young-Restless-Writer-1053629.aspx
Yes, I know that, but none of that matters, that was my point in the first place. The HW is not the one who makes the decisions on who to hire and who to not. They should be able to have a say in it, IMO, but they don't make the call. The EP does, which in this case means JFP. And I'm sure that was one of the main reasons for the falling out between these two. JFP makes the decisions and also approves things that JG has done, storylines, etc. I don't think JG has ever had the freedom to really do what he wanted.

For this reason it shouldn't be listened to too carefully or taken that seriously when a HW says something in an article, because they never make the final decisions. The same goes with GH, where everyone is always calling out on RC and shaming him.
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