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Sweet and Salty
Aug 21 2013, 10:50 PM
Aug 21 2013, 09:49 PM
Victor telling Nick to hit the road was by far my favorite moment of the episode. Between Victor's actions with Nick and his plotting with Marlena to break up Kristen and Brady, the writers are coming ever closer to giving us back the real Victor that has been missing for so long. I'm practically salivating at that prospect.

I like T but Robyn is out of his league. Still, he must be doing something right as his previous girlfriend was also very attractive. Good for him.

How long will it be before Theresa breaks into Vargas' apartment and steals his coffee can money? It surely wasn't a coincidence that she saw him stash his cash there.
A post earlier alluded to JM not coming back. I haven't heard a thing about him retiring. I ask because Victor is getting his fiest back. Are the bring Victor back as our new and renewed villian of Days?

Also, IF Chad indeed does have a tumor, will this KO be his undoing? (Speculations only pls)
:flipoff: Teresa should be breaking in Vargus apartment
any day not for the loot.He had a lot of loot too.Well now
looks like Nick received the line of the day when Victor ordered
him out!Now I guess he will move along like a flea looking to make
a home in the hairs of some poor innocent dog his next home.
I read JM has no plans to retire.For now Stefeno can hold out
as long as EJ can.
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