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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: After Kristen ends her call to Jennifer she hears a noise in the foyer.

Henderson tells Nick that Ms. Gabriella left these things behind when she moved out. Should I send a messenger? Nick will take care of it. He looks inside the box and pulls out a picture of Gabi and smiles. Vic - The one that got away?

Gabi comes out of the bedroom dressed to the nines. Arianna is asleep. If anyone touches that door I am not responsible. Will and Sonny are all dressed up as well. Will - I'll give her a goodnight kiss when we get back. Gabi points to herself - Spit up check. Will tells her she's good. Gabi - You guys look good. Sonny asks her how much more time she needs. Gabi is ready; they just have to wait for Kayla to get here. Will - 15 mins ago. Maybe she got caught up in something with Joey. Will gets a call from Kayla.

Chad is at the club looking at the guest list. He recalls telling Cam that he's dying. Abby comes in. You better get a bigger crowd than this or you will be in trouble. Chad says something but I couldn't understand the last part.

Kristen flings the door open and finds the foyer empty.

Brady runs into Marlena and Sydney outside the mansion. Hey, what's up? Marlena - More than you can ever imagine.

Theresa shows up at Vargas's place. He was wondering if she was going to show up. Theresa - I wondered if you'd make it worth my while. He pulls out a vial of coke ... forgot about flowers but ... Theresa - But you knew the way to this girl's heart.

Will, Sonny and Gabi are all on their phones. Sonny - No Kate. Will - She's in a meeting. Gabi - What about your dad? Will - He's out of town. Sonny - Aunt Jennifer? Will - Won't answer my calls. Sonny - Aunt Hope? Will - She's on duty. What about your Dad? Sonny - I can't do that. I told my parents to stay away from the opening because they're fighting. They're mad at me so I'm not going to ask them to bail me out. Will - What about Maggie? Gabi - I tried, voicemail. That's all I got, you? Will - I'm tapped out. Gabi - Then you guys go. Have fun. Will - No, you've been looking forward to this for a long time so you guys go and I'll stay.

Chad serves Abby an abbytini. T comes in with his girlfriend. Don't tell me it's all designer drinks. Chad - No T, you can have a beer. T introduces them to Robin. T asks about Abby's drink. Abby - He named it after me. It's a little sweet but there's a real nice bite at the end. Chad - It's you. T - So do all your friends get drinks named after them. Where's the T? Chad - Yikes, I can't even picture that; it's like really cheap bourbon. Abby - Soaked in a really old gym sock maybe. Chad - That's it! T - They joke because they love me. But seriously, the place looks great. Chad - You should go check it out. They do. Chad puts the music on and asks Abby to dance. Abby - We're the only ones in here. Chad - He reminds her of New Year's. Abby - That dance was so last winter. Boy, I've got moves that you've never seen. The song changes. Abby - You totally set that up. Chad - No way, totally on shuffle. They dance to a really cheesy song.

Brady - That sounds intense. Marlena - I didn't mean it to sound that way. I've just been busy and then enjoying spending time with Sydney. Brady - It seems like you were just leaving. Kristen pokes her head out the door. Hi, I thought I heard something out here. Brady - Yeah. I don't know if Marlena was just coming or going. Kristen - It must have been you I heard.

Segment 2: Kristen - So how long have you been here? Marlena - Sydney and I have been spending some time together having fun, haven't we? Sydney - I miss my mommy. Marlena - I know, I miss her too. Brady - I know you miss your mommy sweetie but you know what! Your mommy called cook and he's going to make your favourite dinner; the macaroni and cheese with the little peas in it. That's what we're having for dinner. Marlena - That was nice; very sweet. Marlena - We were talking about going out to the fish pond to see if the mama fish had her babies. Would that be fun? Sydney nods yes. The nanny comes out and apologises. Marlena tells her what she and Sydney were planning to do. The nanny takes Sydney instead. Brady offers to walk them to the pond. Kristen - That poor baby girl. It must be so awful for her to have her mother in jail. Marlena - It must just kill you. Kristen - I love Sydney; she's my niece. Anyway, thanks for babysitting. Marlena - Not so fast. I love spending time with my Granddaughter. I don't consider it babysitting. Kristen - Whatever you say. Marlena - One more thing ... Brady returns ... there's something I'd like to say to you and Brady, I think you should hear it too.

Vargas and Theresa have shared the coke. Vargas - So what now? Theresa - Tell me about yourself Vargas. Your hopes, your dreams, your deepest fears, where are you going in life? Vargas - Seriously? Theresa - Yeah, go for it. How else are we supposed to bond. Vargas - Let's see. I was a misunderstood child or poverty who grew up in ... Theresa - Prison? (She asks that after seeing a letter from the State prison). Vargas - Damn, I meant to put that away. Theresa - You were in prison? Vargas - Yeah, not so funny now, huh? Theresa - Not really. Vargas - You scared? Theresa - Of you? Should I be?

Nick - Hey Victor. Vic - Thinking of what might have been; opportunities you might have had; the kind of life you might be leading right now? Nick - I don't go 5 mins without thinking of that. I know I blew it. I know that I disappointed a lot of people especially Aunt Maggie. Vic - My wife has a terrific capacity for acceptance and forgiveness. Nick - I'm not sure I deserve that. Vic - Tomorrow you have a milestone coming up. I have it marked in red on my calendar. Nick - What's that? Vic - Your parole officially ends. Nick - I know, that is if the Dept of Corrections signs off on it. Vic - They will. Nick - Do you know something? Vic - Once your parole ends you no longer have to live with family supervision. You can work wherever you want. You can leave town if you like. Nick - That's true. Vic - Pack your bags Nick. Tomorrow you're leaving my house.

Will and Gabi argue back and forth and finally Will agrees to go with Sonny. Gabi tells them to have a great time.

Vic - Surely you're not surprised. Nick - Actually I am. I thought I'd have ... Vic - Another chance? More time? Nick - Yeah. Vic - Unfortunately I don't share my wife's compassion and understanding of the extenuating circumstances that led to you being an extortionist and blackmailer. After tomorrow you don't have to live in this house so you won't. I trust you can be out by tomorrow night.

Vargas - No, no reason to be scared of me. Theresa - So that's settled. Vargas - That's it? Don't you want to hear the story? Theresa - Of what? How you got sent to prison? Blah, blah, blah, I so don't want to hear it so I hope you weren't planning on telling it to me. Vargas - No. Theresa wants to party. Vargas - Let me grab some cash. He pulls out a can and pulls out a huge wad of bills. She asks if that's the bank of Vargas. Vargas - The can doesn't ask a lot of questions. Theresa - That's a lot of cash. Vargas - Don't ask. Theresa - I wouldn't. Vargas - You are so different. Theresa - Then who. Other girls; other guys in the joint. Vargas - Definitely both. Let's go.

Kristen, Brady and Marlena have moved to the foyer. Kristen says they don't really have time for this ... Marlena - That's okay. It won't take long.

Segment 3: Chad - Thanks for being my first. Abby - What are you .. Chad - Dance. Being the first couple to dance at the club. T - You can't play the EMO crap and serve martinis or this place is doomed. He changes the music. Chad - It's not EMO. T - Do you want a crowd in here? Will and Sonny arrive. T introduces Robin to Will and Sonny. Robin - Oh, you're that great couple. T tells Will his boyfriend did a great job. Sonny - Our friend Brent designed the whole renovation. Chad - It's a shame he's not here tonight. T - It's a drastic change in a good way. What made you do it? Chad says something (I just can't understand him for some reason). Sonny - I just thought it was good business. Chad - That too. Theresa and Vargas comes in. Theresa - Looks like we found the party.

Brady - What are you talking about? Marlena - I'm talking about us; the situation. Brady - We are not a situation! Kristen - Just let her spew and then you'll leave, right? Marlena - I didn't plan on doing this. I didn't plan on talking to you at all. Kristen - But you just can't help yourself. Marlena - Sometimes things change. Isn't that funny how that happens. One minute you think you know exactly where your life is going and poof, it just changes. Brady - I'm lost. Kristen - Me too. Marlena - Really, you're lost. I think you know exactly what needs to happen next. Brady - Tell us what you're talking about please. What changes in an instant. Marlena - Sami. I'm talking about Sami. In a moment she saves Rafe's life and puts her own in danger. You can see how distraught her children are. It will get worse before it gets better. This family has to pull together. The three of us have to bury the hatchet.

T - Abby where's your doctor friend? Abby - I don't know if he's coming. Chad, do you know? Chad - He's working. The bartender's making a drink just for you T. You should go check it out. T - Should I be scared? Vargas looks around - So this is Salem's young, professional crowd. Theresa - I guess, a little tame. Vargas - It could be worse. Theresa - It could be better too. I think I need to powder my nose. Vargas hands her another vial of Coke. That will make it all better.

Chad, Will and Sonny toast to a great team. They're pleased with how the opening is going. Chad - You and Sonny are the real team. Sonny compliments Will. Will is self-deprecating as usual. Sonny is strong; I bring the train wreck to our neck of the woods. Chad - That's not what I hear when you're not around. All he talks about is how he wants to spend more time with you and your little girl. Will - She's so sweet. I think we're going to keep her. We like her a lot. She gets it from her mom. Chad - Where is Gabi?

Gabi is drinking a glass of wine when there's a knock on the door. Kayla! Oh yes, there is a God. She runs to the door. It's Nick with her stuff.

Brady - That's what you were doing before, burying the hatchet? Marlena - I'm sorry. That's why I stayed behind. Somehow I have to put my opinions about the two of you on the backburner because it's so much less important than what my daughter is going through. Brady agrees. Marlena - Thank you. Kristen, can you do that? Can we just get along?

Segment 4: Gabi - Hi. Nick - Hey, is this a bad time? Gabi - No, it's not. Come in. Nick - Henderson found these things in the house and I thought maybe you'd want them. Gabi - Thank you. Nick - Where should I put them? Gabi - Anywhere. He sets the box on the floor. Okay, well, I don't want to make you late. You're all dressed up and looking incredible ... Gabi - Thanks. It's Sonny and Chad's opening at the club. Nick - Oh yeah. That's right. I heard about that. Have fun. Gabi - I'm not going. My babysitter cancelled last minute. Will - Oh. Do you want me to hang around with Arianna? Gabi - Nick that is so sweet ... Nick - Terrible idea. Really? Gabi - You're absolutely right. Nick - I'd hate to see you stuck here. You deserve to have a night out. Gabi - I'll go another night. And with Arianna sleeping I'd rather just take a nap and catch up before the 2am feeding. Nick - That must be relentless. Obviously it's wonderful and you love her but ... Gabi - It's full on. Nick - Yeah. Do you ever get a break? Gabi - Yeah. I DVR'd some shows so I'll probably catch up on those before I go to sleep. Nick - And Sonny and Will must help out sometimes. Gabi - All the time. I don't know why I'm complaining. They're great. Nick - I know but you were ready for a night out. Gabi - Yeah I guess wanted some conversation without talking about diapers or schedules. Nick - Do you want me to stick around, keep you company.

When Theresa weaves her way back to their table Vargas comments - It's such a good thing you're not driving. Theresa talks away a mile a minute about how she could totally drive. Vargas - Yeah, like no cop could guess what you've been doing. Theresa - I could totally stay quiet. I know when to clam up. Vargas - Maybe I should go powder my nose just so I can keep up with you. She passes him the vial underneath the table. Theresa looks around - Will, what are you doing here? She gets up from the table and bumps into a guy and says hi. Will asks T what's up with Robin. T - I don't know. She doesn't talk. Will - Not to you? Maybe she's shy or a mime. T - Yeah, a hot mime. They laugh. Will - That works for you. You love to talk and she'll listen. T doesn't know. There are other girls ... silence. Will - What! Come on, what's the deal? Do you want to settle down? T - Truth? I want what you've got. Will - Sonny's taken. T laughs.

Kristen - Sure. You want to bury the hatchet; let's do it. Life's too short, right? Marlena - Well, I've taken up enough of your time. I'll say goodnight. Brady - I'll walk you out. Marlena leaves. Brady - That's good news. Kristen scoffs - You think. Brady - I think a little peace in the valley might ... Kristen - Except for one thing. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. We all know where she really wants to bury the hatchet. Outside the door Marlena is on her cell. Where are you? I've got to talk to you right away.

Segment 5: Brady says they should take Marlena's request at face value. Kristen - Why? Because she's always been so willing to accept me and .. Brady - She can't hurt us unless we let her. Why don't we give her a chance. Kristen - Fine but do we have to keep talking about it. Brady - No. Kristen - So, what do you want to do tonight? Brady - Do you want to go big or low-key? Kristen - How about local and low-key. Brady - What did you have in mind? Kristen - My brother Chad; his club's opening tonight. I've got to go say hi. Brady - Yeah, okay sure. He's the easiest guy in your family; family first, right?

Vic walks to the front door and calls out - I've got it Henderson. It's Marlena. She smiles. One day. It only took one day for the right thing to fall into our laps.

Gabi - Right. I remember how much you love TV. Why don't you go to the club tonight? Nick - I don't think Sonny and Will would be too happy if I showed up. Gabi - I thought things were getting better. Nick - They are but you know this is their night. Gabi - Okay so grab a glass of wine and join me. Nick - Since when did you start drinking wine. She hands him her glass - I didn't. He sniffs the contents - Cranberry juice. She holds up a bottle of wine for him - already opened. It's your favourite. She hands him the glass. Nick - It's nice you remembered. Gabi - Of course. How's it going on the job hunt? Nick - It's really good. Kate has actually been supportive after being extremely not that. I've been giving her new ideas and formulas and she's paying me well for them but I'd like to find something a little more steady. Gabi - You're a smart guy. I know you'll get something ... hold on. What day is it? Oh my gosh, your parole is up tomorrow. Nick - It's crazy that you still have that on your calendar. Gabi - It was going to be a big day for us. Nick - Yeah. Gabi - So tomorrow you're a free man. Nick - In every way.

Vargas returns dancing thru' the crowd to get to Theresa. Let's dance. Theresa - I can't. I've got a family member here. I've got to take care of something. I wasn't expecting to see anyone so now I've got to play nice. Vargas - You don't want to show me off? Theresa - I don't want my family to know anything about me. I'll be right back. She gives him a quick kiss and heads over to Will. Hey Will, I didn't expect to see you here. Will - Hey Theresa, hi. I was wondering when I'd run into you. Theresa - Yeah, it's only a matter of time, huh. Will - It's been a long time. Are you having fun? Theresa - Yeah. This place is really great. Will - My boyfriend is the owner. Theresa - That's awesome. So do we get a family discount on the drinks? Kristen and Brady arrive. Kristen greets Chad with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. This place is fantastic. Brady shakes his hand - This place looks great. Chad - Thank you very much. People seem to think so. Let me grab you a drink. Brady - No, you two catch up. He heads to the bar. Kristen - Look at you. You're so happy. Chad - It's a good night. Kristen - So is Ms. Abigail part of the reason why you're so happy. Chad - Definitely. So you and Brady, huh? Kristen - No one's more surprised than me. Chad - It's working? Kristen - Yeah. Despite all these obstacles we're together - she knocks on wood. I guess I was due for a miracle.

Vic - Tell me everything; don't leave anything out. Marlena chuckles. You said all we had to do was watch and wait and we would get something that would drive a wedge between Kristen and Brady. Vic - And you found that out already. Marlena - Yes I did. Kristen has a secret and I know what it is.

Segment 6: Gabi - It's still a big day for you. You can do anything you want. Nick - I can go where I want when I want. I don't have to live at Victor's anymore. I don't even have to stay in Salem. Gabi - Do you want to leave? Nick - I don't know. Gabi - Sounds like you've had time to think about it. Nick - Yeah sure. Would you be ... would you want me to go? Gabi - If it's the best thing for you then sure. Nick - I don't know. It's kind of hard to think about it. Gabi - Why? It's hard to think about what's best for you? Nick - No. I mean I can't see it because since I've been out it's always felt like the best thing for me was you.

Vargas paces around the place looking for Theresa. Brady is at the bar with Will looking at photos. She has grown since last week. Will - I know. I'm taking at least one picture a day so I can show mom. Brady - How's Sami? I haven't been in to see her yet. Will - She's dealing. I just wish the trial would hurry up and come so she can go home. Brady - We all want that. Kristen walks up - Hi. Can I steal him away for just a minute or longer? Kristen starts dancing with Brady. I missed you. I've put in my appearance. I can think of other places I'd rather be with you. They kiss. Vargas fumes.

Nick - Sorry, that must have sounded ... Gabi - After this glass I'm cutting you off. Nick - It wasn't the wine. Maybe it wasn't too bright to say out loud but it wasn't the wine. Sorry. Gabi - You can't be saying that all the time. Nick - I don't really know why I'm saying anything tonight. That's a lie. I do. Gabi - What's going on? Nick - I don't know. I think maybe I have too much time to think. I've been rewinding the past year and playing it back and trying to figure out what I could have done different. You know, where I went wrong and what I could have made better and where I get stuck is at the beginning when it was just you and me at the pub and even when it was you and me and the baby. That time that we spent together in your room, that was like ... as far as I'm concerned ... as perfect as I think life can get. Just us talking in there; that's as close to a person as I've ever felt in every way.

Vargas downs his beer and heads out the door and finds Theresa with another guy. Brady and Kristen head out the door and ask Vargas to excuse them. He doesn't move so they go around him.

Marlena - I got out of the foyer before Kristen saw me but it was close and I would have gotten away altogether except Brady showed up. Vic - Did he hear anything? Marlena - No. I was tempted to tell him what I'd heard. Vic - That would have been a big mistake. Marlena - Yes, I agree. I did stop myself and then made up some story abut wanting to bury the hatchet with them. Vic - Which Kristen didn't buy for a second. Marlena - No I don't think she did but I think she was persuaded that I did not hear about her indiscretion. Vic - You told me everything Kristen said verbatim. Marlena did. Vic - There was no hint, no clue as to who she might have slept with? Marlena - No. If there had been I might have told him right there. Vic - We need solid proof. With Brady we need 10 kinds of proof and skywriting for him to see it. Marlena - Kristen did say this information would kill the relationship with Brady. Vic - Then let's make sure that's exactly what happens.

Segment 7: Nick - I mean, do your ever ... do you think about what it was like? Gabi - Of course. Nick - Gabi, you were ... you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known. I close my eyes and I can still feel it, I can feel you. I can feel every inch of your body. When I close my eyes, I still see you.

Sonny sits down next to Will and asks - Where's Chad? Will - I don't know. Outside with Abigail maybe. Chad and Abby are leaning against a wall. He tells her they have a roof garden. They grow everything for the menu right here. Abby - That's fantastic. Vargas walks up to Theresa and the guy and shoves the guy aside and puts his arm around Theresa's shoulders. Theresa - I didn't see you. Vargas - I was right where you left me. Theresa - Well I didn't see you. Vargas - That's because you saw a chance to latch on to someone else. Guy - Is this guy bothering you? Vargas - Take off man. Guy - Say the word and he's out of here. Vargas - You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. He grabs Theresa's arm - Let's go. Theresa - Chill out. Abby and Chad are watching the exchange. Vargas - I'll chill when you ditch this loser and go back inside with me. Guy - Leave the lady alone. Vargas - I said take off. The guy shoves Vargas - Don't touch her. Vargas slugs him. Chad rushes in - Whoa, break it up now. Vargas punches him in the head - he goes down. The other guy jumps Vargas - Theresa stands there and watches the fight.

Kristen and Brady are back at the D mansion having sex in her bed.

Vic - We can come at this from both directions but we still have to find out who she was sleeping with. That could be tricky. Marlena - It's hard to imagine there's anybody in Salem that wouldn't know better. Vic - Even harder to imagine that she would have any confidants. Who do you think she was talking to? Stefano? Marlena - No, this was not somebody talking to their father. It must have been somebody else. Vic - Then we have to find that somebody else and that's going to be the beginning of bringing Kristen down. The camera cuts to the sex fest as Marlena says - This woman has wreaked havoc on my family and me for too long. It's time to return the favour. Kristen tells Brady she can't lose him ever again.
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