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Aug 22 2013, 10:51 AM
Aug 21 2013, 01:30 PM
Jen Lilley really should've been Cassie Brady. Her storylines would have been so much better if she was playing Cassie instead of Theresa. First of all i just don' t see Shane and Kim's daughter acting like this even if she is from LA. If she was Cassie the storyline would be so much better with her dad being the police c and her doing drugs. The scenes with het and Kate and Roman would b great. She acts just like Cassie and looks like her too.
I so *utterly* agree!
I can't for a few reasons. First, the real family drama in that storyline is Roman dealing with Cassie being a drug user, but that would mean more of Josh Taylor's abominable acting. Also, haven't we already have had years of Roman dealing with his daughter's criminal acts in Sami-related storylines?

Second, Cassie was on for such a short time and she was barely Roman's and Kate's daughter -- after being an alien-no-Tony/Marlena's first -- that I don't think the drama would have been that great.

The idea of Jeannie Donovan being troubled and turning to drugs and sex isn't a bad one. It just has been terribly executed by the writers so far. (I think Jen Lilley is doing a good job with the material.) What they should have done was set up the story by creating some family connections and explaining why Jeannie has become like she has and why she had to come to Salem. For instance, why couldn't Shane get a job in Salem for a few months as a consultant with the Salem PD. Reintroduce Kim and to viewers and establish their historical connections -- both had close friendships with John and Marlena, their conflict with Victor is legendary, etc. That would only take a few episodes over a month or two. Then have their daughter get in trouble in LA and have them decide that she has to come to Salem. Now there are relationships for Jeannie to build on and, on her arrival, viewers can see the conflict she has with her parents so her actions are understandable. We could find out why she refuses to be called Jeannie (and see that it hurts Shane), and maybe play out some of the "daddy issues" Jen Lilley has mentioned in her interviews. Then, if the writers don't want to keep Kim and Shane, they could return to LA, but they could leave Jeannie in Salem. If the writers want a character who is motivated by money, it would be as easy as saying that Jeannie has to stay in Salem to clean up her act if she ever wants to get her trust fund when she turns 30. Something as simple as that would have made the Jeannie character much more three-dimensional.
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