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The new issue of Soap Opera Digest features a fall preview for Days (and all the other soaps)!

Ken Corday gives the preview for the coming months, which he says will "end in a whodunit".

Following are some of the points covered by this article:

Marlena and Victor, who are already working together, add Nicole to their alliance.

Kristen's "sex video" is the key to the "big fall story". In whose hands will it end up? Kristen starts to become very desperate, while Eric starts to realize what's going on. Corday mentions that this story will have a very slow buildup.

Sami's trial ends, with a big twist - who comes in to save her??

Nick's character takes on a more significant role. He wants to get back with Gabi, but there are others who try to stop this...

And an engagement party ends in bloodshed, which has tremendous repercussions!

Pick up the latest Digest for details!

NOTE: There have been several summaries circulating on the internet. The sections above represent what was in the article. It seems that the other 'summarizers' added some of their own sections. In addition, we've asked that SOD articles not be posted in full. We admire the creativity of some of our members, lol, but it really doesn't matter if you call the thread "here's an article I saw online", or "Days fall stuff". As we've mentioned, if you have SOD and want to share it early (thanks!), just PM an admin and we'll be happy to help.
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