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Aug 23 2013, 08:48 AM
How sad that that Sonny (and Will) have nothing better to do than police who Gabi dates. They'll never have their own lives and stories.
I know right I want to see Will and Sonny have a story not see them police Gabi when will we see them have a great story just them. Also I wonder when we will see them have that alone time, when was the last time they had intimate time just them.

I am tired of Nik and his obessions didn't we see this with Mel. I would rather see Gabi with someone new and see how that person responds to AG and her living with Will and Sonny I want to see Will and Sonny spend more time together and have scenes longer than 2-5 mins write for them writers and give them a good story on their own.

The other fall spoiler that was out yesterday was removed where it said Will is drawn to Brent I see that was removed was that a real thing or was that added? I hope it was not a real thing. I want to see Sonny and Will draw closer together.
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