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Were the ratings for this time last year the week of the Daysaster?

That said, a few weeks ago I indicated that they shouldn't worry too much about August ratings, as September-March is what counts. After seeing these numbers, I wouldn't be surprised if they *are* worrying.

To be fair, the show has been in a holding pattern. Since Sami was arrested, not much has happened. I can always tell by whether or not I'm paying attention to what is happening on screen while watching. Back in May I was riveted. Lately, I've been playing CandyCrush while the show airs in the background.

I think things will pick up shortly, however. We'll get Sami's trial. Kristen's implosion. But if the ratings drop much lower before then, it'll make the climb that much more difficult.
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Ratings for Week of August 12-16, 2013 · General Daytime News