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What if that is how Chad leaves he tells Will and some other peope what Gabi did and he goes away for a while and if they have recast the recast comes back later on. the writers messed the boat by not putting Chad more into the DiMera business. EJ/Chad side by side yesterday was great Casey would have done a great job from what we have seen lately. They could have skipped the whole kidnap thing with Gabi and let him and Mel have issues with him working with the Dimera instead. But now I guess all of that will come back to bite them all like Sonny said yesterday.

With Gabi having issues with both Will and Sonny coming up will she move out the apt. Will and Gabi need to have a shared custody agreement. Especially after next week where she and Sonny can no longer be friends that is going to be a strain on all of them. She can move into Rafe place and share custody with Will.
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