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Aug 23 2013, 02:16 PM
I'm with Tom - overall I think the show is much more solid than it was a year ago (and I suspect the numbers from a year ago had a big boost from the Daysaster stuff) but the past few weeks have been absolute dudsville. If only they could finally get to a point where there is consistency in moving stories along - and more importantly - in seemlessly building some stories while others are reaching a climax so that there is always something engaging to lure viewers to come back or to check it out. I feel like all of the big payoffs across multiple storylines seem to happen at the same time - and as a result, so do all the slower points of the stories.
Days did have a boost from the cliffhanger last year. The last week that they aired that July they had about 2,481,000 viewers (which was actually up over the previous week and year) and then they had 2,699,000. That means the show currently has about 198,000 less viewers now than they did in the summer of 2011. Meanwhile, the three weeks in spring of 2012 that really seemed to spell the end of MarDar had totals of 2,229,000 and 2,252,000 and 2,162,000. That February they had been averaging around 2,4000,000 which is more comparable to the end of Tomlin's first reign. Of course, these are total numbers and not demos.
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