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I know not everyone feels the same way about Chandler, or this news in general, but from the previews I've been reading about what's coming, I'm actually starting to mostly feel disappointed because it doesn't sound like we're going to get much from the Will/Sonny part of his storyline before he leaves. That's really all I could ask for at this point, but unless they came up with something good for them around Christmas, it's been looking like Will and Sonny's story is still pretty slow and/or more focused on Nick and Gabi than themselves. I'm pretty bummed about this in that regard. If I'm going to lose him (I wish him the best but I'm sad) I kinda had been banking on having an event to attach it to instead of new!Will just... showing up one day.

If that's the case, I will be VERY curious about the chemistry the recast will have with Freddie. I know nothing about this at all, but having to jump headlong into an established relationship doesn't seem like it would be easy...

Also, Charlie Sheen is an idiot.
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